Lawrence W. Kemp, COO, President of Board of Directors

Mr. Kemp has an extensive technological background and a broad understanding business practices. He has committed WaveTektronics to developing exclusive network designs using the most efficient technology.

Larry has considerable experience interfacing with a wide range of military, government, and civilian personnel from various countries and technological capacities. He is a proven leader that effectively motivates and manages individuals.

He has a vast business/individual networking background and abilities. Expansive professional experience in communications technologies - both wired and wireless systems, including network technologies, systems management, and network design, integration, and testing.

Other experience:

  • Twenty years experience in technology and communications
  • Graduate of Purdue University, physics major/math minor
  • Significant additional education and training
  • Nuclear power, radio control, communications, and numerous government programs
  • Secret clearance with the U.S. Department of Defense
  • US Navy veteran
  • Overseas corporate assignments, including two terms of duty in Iraq as well as many other European project assignments
  • Recognized expert in systems integration, communications and MESH networks

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Jay W. Parks, Chief Financial Officer,

Mr. Parks is an executive with broad financial experience and knowledge. His exceptional ability to wisely manage resources in a variety of settings has proven him to be a valuable member of WaveTektronics. He is an in-depth passionate globally-minded, creative thinker.

Other experience:

  • Eli Lilly & Co. – twenty-five year executive
  • CPA with depth of financial knowledge and experience
  • Corporate finance, non-profit funding, government regulations
  • Significant international experience
  • MBA from Cornell University


Having been successful business and government leaders, WaveTektronics management understands quality service, technical performance, and expense management.