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         IceCOLD® can drastically reduce the CO2 emissions footprint.
             IceCOLD® is a product; which, saves at least 10% electricity KWH (indicated by a guaranteed final Proof of Performance), environmentally green (Platinum rated by GGEC), efficient, and easy to integrate in over 90% of HVAC systems. IceCOLD® is positioned to be distributed in mass quantities to meet the demands of all major manufacturing facilities and defense contractors in Indiana to ensure each of Indiana's companies start down the path of Environmentally Green, by reducing their CO2 emissions footprint.

        IceCOLD® Web Site: http://geticecold.com
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  1. About IceCOLD®
  2. IceCold Comparison Chart
  3. Global Green Energy Consortium - Platinum Rating
  4. SAE - R-134a Third Party Certification / Test
  5. IceCOLD® Additive Does Not Void Factory Warranty - Magnuson-Moss Act
  6. Qualifying Questionnaire To Determine Your IceCOLD® Needs
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  1. How IceCOLD® Works
  2. Warehouse / Distribution Centers
  3. Refrigerated Trailer Installation
  4. TV Studios
  5. Meat Packing
  6. Warranty / Proof of Performance Guarantee 
  7. IceCOLD® Fact Sheet 
  8. USRT Insurance Policy
  9. IceCOLD MSDS Sheet                                                                                                          
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